"Love is the answer, no matter the question"
Everywhere you go is an opportunity to Show Love. Born out of the global #HashtagLunchbag movement, our signature 'hashtag heart' symbolizes the Show Love lifestyle. Think of it as a bat signal for showing & spreading love (since hashtags spread messages & hearts are the universal symbol for love).
By wearing our signature shirt or rocking our signature pin, you get to Show Love everywhere you go. We could all use a little extra love in our lives. A little friendly reminder of how beautiful life can be. It's up to each and every one of us to spread this love every where we go and create the change we wish to see.  
Show Love donates a % of it's profits the Living Through Giving Foundation to help keep the #HashtagLunchbag movement, it's inaugural program, going & growing. Since it's humble beginnings on Christmas 2012 in a Los Angeles apartment, #HashtagLunchbag has grown to 140+ cities across the world, Showing Love to every we go, one lunch bag at a time. 
To learn more about the #HashtagLunchbag movement, visit www.hashtaglunchbag.com and follow us @HashtagLunchbag.